Review: “The Czech Republic: The Most Enchanted Country in the World?” by G. Michael Vasey

Hello, bookworms!

Today I would like to talk about a book that I recently read and that is perfect for this Halloween atmosphere that is upon us.

The book is “The Czech Republic: The Most Enchanted Country in the World?” by G. Michael Vasey and it is compilation of several legends and ghost stories from all the Czech Republic, like Prague, Brno or the castles in this country.


The Czech Republic is a beautiful landlocked country at the heart of Europe. This central European country has a pagan Slavic past that has survived and indeed even been adopted by Christianity. From whipping girls with sticks at Easter to Visits by the Devil, an Angel and St. Nicholas on St. Nicholas’ day, there are reminders of paganism at every turn during the course of a year. A country where each town and city has its own ghost stories, legends and myths, where innumerable castles dot the landscape, each with their hidden treasures, specters and wraiths and are separated by haunted and magical forests. The Czech Republic may just be the most haunted country on the planet!

Discover the creepy ghosts of Prague, the location of the mysterious Gate to Hell, creepy haunted forests, tales of vampires and the undead, abandoned cemeteries now used for satanic rituals in the dead of night, strange and mysterious imps and elves and much more. The Czech Republic is a country of ghosts and myths, haunted and mysterious places and strange pagan customs.

Personal opinion

I found this book thanks to Facebook, where somebody posted that it was for free in Amazon for a limited period of time. I didn’t hesitate even for a second and I downloaded it because, although I am easily scared, I am into legends and fairytales from the country where I live since 2013.

In only 60 pages, the author is taking us for a tour along Czech history and the nowadays country thanks to a lot of legends about ghosts, cities, haunted castles and buildings, traditional characters from fairytales, famous Czech personalities with dark lives, etc…

I really enjoyed it because I think it is an excellent way to get to know this country and its people from the every root of its history. It was also a great reading for these days just before Halloween.

However, I would have liked to have more details about the legends, as some of them were rather brief, or to have them written as it was a story just not a bunch of facts. You know, a little bit of dramatization would have been awesome and made the stories even spookier.


Overall, it has been a fantastic read for Halloween and to know more about this country. Therefore I gave it 4 quills out of 5.


It is great if you want to know about the country and I would like to share with my family but unfortunately it is not translated into Spanish, although I would love to do it myself :D.

I hope you enjoyed the review and that you found the book interesting. Please feel free to comment down below if you read it or if you know about any other book with Czech legends or fairytales. I’d love to know your opinion.

I think that’s all for now.



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